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About Us

The Mission of the League of Humane Voters, FL (LOHV-FL) is to work to enact animal-protection legislation and to elect candidates for public office who will use their votes and influence for animal protection. We support leaders committed to compassion.

LOHV-FL recognizes that animal protection requires laws and enforcement. Animal exploitation is a political issue and not just a moral one, and we work to make animal protection a mainstream political issue by building support among citizens, activeists, political parties, candidates and elected representatives.

Those who hold elective office can pass and enforce laws to protect animals. After careful interviews, the LOHV-FL endorses candidates and then campaigns for their election to public office. We then get out the vote and deliver it for our candidates. Once candidates are in office, we lobby the office-holders we work to elect, asking them to help us enact animal protective legislation. Because LOHV-FL is a political action committee, not a charitable organization, or 501(c3), contributions to LOHV-FL are not tax-deductible. That's because, unlike a charity, we work to influence the political process.

LOHV-FL believes that the animal protection movement needs to establish its political influence first by developing grassroots involvement at the local level. Our primary focus is on state, county, and municipal government.

LOHV-FL is a strictly nonpartisan organization. The League of Humane Voters national organization and its state chapters, of which LOHV-FL is one, have endorsed Republican, Democratic, Green, and other party candidates. We endorse candidates based not on their party but on their expressed commitment to work with us to pass legislation that protects and improves the lives of the animals of the state of Florida.

Vision Statement

Our vision: A society in which people value and safeguard the lives of animals.

Board of Directors, League of Humane Voters-FL


Marilyn Weaver, Executive Director

Board Members

Robert D. Shepherd