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Wildlife Resources

This page contains informational resources dealing with various forms of wildlife.

Deer Mating Season in Florida

If you come from further north, you probably know that deer mate in the October - December months of the year. In fact, in many places, this causes many problems for motorists — and deer — mostly at dawn or dusk.

What you may not know is that deer mating season is not in the fall in Central and South Florida. In fact, deer here mate during July and August. In rural locations and at the edges of cities the same problem exists as further north. Summer time in Florida is a time for deer to be in the roadways or to run across the roadways at dawn and dusk hours.

Here are some examples from other states:


The DeKalb County Sheriff's Office is advising people to be careful of deer crossing the road. Deer are most active during their rutting season of October through December as they seek mates. The animals are most active at dawn and dusk, and that's when they are most likely to wander onto local roads....


TIPTON COUNTY, TN - (WMC-TV) – Wildlife resource agents are warning drivers that they need to watch out for deer. The warning comes after a woman was killed earlier this week when a deer crashed through her windshield.

Tennessee wildlife resources agents say the deer population is higher than normal this year. They are advising drivers throughout the Mid-South to be careful.

"A car will see a doe go across the street and they think it's all over with but right behind it is going to be a buck chasing it," said Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agent Jake Yoes.

Ruth Cohill, a beloved teacher in Ripley, Tennessee, was killed Wednesday morning when a deer came crashing through her windshield in Lauderdale County.

That same day, there were three other deer hit by cars in the same area.

"They will cross the road all hours of the day, all hours of the night. They run and pay no attention to human beings," said Yoes.

Yoes says there have been 12 incidents of cars hitting deer in Tipton County in the past two weeks.


Pennsylvanian motorists know that without auto insurance is not an option for them, especially during October and November. Not only is coverage mandated, drivers also need it during the deer mating season when vehicle-deer crashes increase drastically. But safety experts tell motorists to be extra careful and not to take such crashes lightly since they can be costly both in physical and property damages.

Pennsylvania auto insurance providers are reminding motorists that collisions with deer can leave their vehicles undriveable. It could also lead to serious physical injuries and could cause death in some cases.

So do yourself (and the deer) a favor and be careful driving during dawn or dusk hours. Help the deer as well. This website http://www.deersolutionsmd.com has information on safe driving with deer as well as many other ways we can help protect and save these lovely animals.

Wildlife Resources

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